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Instance snapshots in Amazon Lightsail


A snapshot is a way to create a backup image of your Lightsail instance (a virtual private server) for reference, if you might need it later. For example, before you delete an instance, you create a snapshot of it so that if you change your mind, you have a backup to help you redo that instance as it was.

Last updated: April 11, 2017

The snapshot we create is a copy of the system disk and also stores the original machine configuration (memory, CPU, disk size, and data transfer rate). If you choose to create a new instance from this snapshot, you can create the same size or larger instance. You cannot create a smaller instance.


When you create a new instance from a snapshot, Lightsail lets you create an instance bundle that is either the same size or larger size. We do not currently support creating a smaller instance size from a snapshot. The smaller options will be grayed out when you create a new instance from a snapshot.

To create a larger instance size from a snapshot, you can use the Lightsail console, the create-instances-from-snapshot CLI command. or the CreateInstancesFromSnapshot API operation. Learn how to create an instance from a snapshot.

For more information about Lightsail bundles, see Lightsail Pricing.

Here are some ways you can use snapshots: